Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TIPS Nail Conditioner - nominated as Best Nail Care Brand on QVC

Karen is very honoured to have her flagship product - TIPS Nail Conditioner - nominated for the award as "Best Nail Care Brand" on QVC US.  If you have used TIPS and think it is a great product, would you please take a minute to vote.  All you have to do either go to the Facebook page and click on the QVC survey link OR go to QVC 2013 Customer Choice Beauty Awards, scroll down to Q.35 - Best Nail Care Brand and check next to TIPS Nail Conditioner.  Anyone from anywhere around the world can place their votes.  Thanks a million for your support!
Enjoy the rest of your day,  Lisa M.


  1. Oooh! I will have to vote, do you know if the brand will be coming to the UK / QVCUK?

    1. That would be greatly appreciated! I hesitate to say for certain, but we are working very hard on it, believe me! I'll keep you informed. Thanks and have a fantastic weekend.