Sunday, November 25, 2012

Future Polish Fanatics get some blue manis

What an experience and joy to put smiles of children's faces!  Yesterday was the fund-raiser for Juvenile Diabetes.  My contribution was giving all the young girls a manicure of their choice - offering all the blues I had in my stash.
Here are some of the happy faces that made my afternoon yesterday...

Among the top favourites were:  Essie's "Beach Bum Blu", Sally Hansen's "Gem-Stone" and Maybelline's "Styled Out".

This particular fund-raiser in support of Juvenile Diabetes was centered around a Zumba-thon.  All adults were asked to pay an admission fee with all the proceeds going directly to support this charity, but they could Zumba all afternoon.  Now I didn't have any time to try the Zumba moves, but I got a bit of insight into what Zumba is all about:  the right outfit, cool dance moves combined with a cardio aspect, funky music well-suited to the moves and a feeling of belonging to the group of Zumba fanatics.
Males, females, young and old all got involved and moved their bodies to the music showing their Zumba moves.
My personal favourite (and new acquisition) among the blue nail polish shades is Maybelline's "Styled Out".  Surprisingly, it was not the ultimate winner among the young girls.
Here is a peek at Styled out on my nails.
A lovely denim-tone blue shade with a subtle glitter effect to it. 
As with all my manis and the ones I did yesterday, I always finish off by treating my cuticles with some TIPS Nail Conditioner to keep them hydrated, fortified and nourished.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this post.
Is there a cause and/or charity that you support?  If so, what is it and how do you get involved?
Have a great day!  Lisa M.



  1. I so love that denim-tone blue nail polish. Those little girls really did had a great time doing their nails with you.

    1. Thanks, I am so taken by Styled Out as well. There is something really special and unique about it. The girls were fun to work with, but those tiny nails were a challenge, indeed. Take care, Lisa M

  2. What was the winning shade? I had voted for Styled Out myself as well.

    1. @DonnaBee - The winning shade was Styled Out and there were several entrants who had chosed that shade to win. Amanda Bernard was the official winner. I'm sorry that my email regarding this contest did not arrive at the beginning of the week. I had informed all the people who had taken part including yourself about the end result. Have you seen the new 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway on the ASK Cosmetics FB page? Thanks again for your participation, Lisa M.