Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Luck of the Irish - St. Paddy's Day Mani

I was very surprised to find a number of "greenish" shades in my polish assortment.  Typically I wouldn't buy green polish, but these must have caught my eye somehow on my shopping trips.
Which one would you choose as a St. Patrick's Day manicure?

From left - right:  "Rags to Riches" by Rimmel London, "Stylenomics" by Essie, "Plume" by Sally Hansen and "Spanish Moss" by Revlon.
Sorry, they are hard to see in this shot.  I was playing around with my new camera and didn't seem to get the lighting quite right.  Will do better next time!
Thumb + Index finger have "Rags to Riches", Middle finger has "Stylenomics", Ring finger has "Plume" and Pinky finger has "Spanish Moss".  These are all 2 coats with indoor lighting no flash.

Well, there they are.....but not all of them really look like green shades. 
Your choice for St. Paddy's Day would be......
Thanks for stopping by.  Til next time,  Lisa M.