Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shortening the length of your nails

Recently I was asked to do a YouTube video on how to properly shorten the length of your nails using nail clippers.  The video will soon be available for viewing, but in the meantime I have decided to describe the method we recommend.

These are my nails, which have become quite long.  It is getting challenging to do my computer work, so the time has come to shorten them a bit.  How do I take some length off while maintaining the strength of my nails?

Step 1:  Apply TIPS Nail Conditioner as you normally would around the cuticle area, over the entire nail plate and under the end of the nail as well.  As TIPS is absorbed immediately (providing your nails are completely dry having been out of water at least one hour!) it treats the nails and gives them strength, which helps to preserve the nail structure while clipping.

Step 2:  Always use a good quality pair of clippers that are sharp and up to the task.  Clipping should be done in three stages:  clip once from the inside, clip once from the outside of the nail and the final clip should be in the middle.  Attempting to clip across the entire nail will weaken the nail structure and compromise the integrity of it as well. 

Step 3:  Once you have clipped all fingers, you should seal the ends of the nails and remove any burrs that might have occurred while clipping with the Contour Nail File.  This unique file has zero grit strength and is not at all abrasive, so it will not leave any of those little white shavings we have all experienced after filing.  It is designed to finish off the ends in a gentle manner in order to promote longer, stronger growth and to prevent snags or catches on clothing, etc. And with its three ultra-fine filing surfaces you can file the top and underside of the nails ever so gently.

Step 4:  This step is optional, but I find it leaves my hands with a wonderfully moisturized feeling and actually boosts the penetration of TIPS Nail Conditioner.  So, if you really want to spoil your hard-working hands treat them to a luxurious bit of hydration with the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk by ASK Cosmetics.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today and reading this post.  Hope everyone is making the most of their day.  Til next time, Lisa M.


  1. That file still continues to baffle me! Shame you had to shorten your nails but practicability sometimes has to come first.

    1. @Enigma - Absolutely right about having to shorten them. Would love to keep them that long all the time, but computer work gets tricky. On another note - I haven't been able to leave a comment on your page the last few times I had a look. Is it me or have there been problems?

    2. Thanks for letting me know, I have been getting comments today though. Maybe your browser is having problems with disqus? Let me know if it happens again though. :)

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    1. @Asia Monique - thanks for stopping by and reading. Lisa