Thursday, June 28, 2012

French Mani with a Touch of Glitter

Among the various manicures I would like to try this one caught my eye as I have seen it in so many blogs of late.  A French manicure always stylish, but add some bling to it and WOW! 

Here's what I used:
1.  Clear Base Coat by ASK Cosmetics
2.  three coats of "Sheer French Pink" by ASK Cosmetics
3.  "Strobe Light" by Sally Hansen added the fine glitter to the ends
4.  Top Coat
5.  one treatment of TIPS Nail Conditioner as the final step!

In my opinion this type of manicure is not for the everyday look.  It would certainly be a lovely choice for a bride.  In such a case I would have the bridesmaids wear a different shade of polish, but still have the same glittered ends to tie the group together. 

What do you think about this combination? 

Thanks for dropping in and wishing you a great day!  Lisa M.


  1. I like this combo, it seems very clean and lady like with just a bit of sparkle to add a little excitement. I do agree that it might not be a good idea for everyday wear, but that may depend on what you do for a living. If you don't use your hands very much, it may last quite a while, but if you do use your hands, it would probably chip quickly. I would definitely like to try it!

    1. @Mandy - I agree with you 100 %. You have described it so well - very clean and lady-like. Thanks.