Thursday, July 11, 2013

TIPS Nail Conditioner featured on QVC

Finally the day of the huge TIPS Nail Conditioner re-launch on QVC US has arrived.  We've been waiting and preparing for this day for a long time.  Major changes had to be made:  new logo, new bottle size, updated instructions, etc. 
All good things take time and we are extremely proud of the result.
The new logo and new bottle size can be seen in this photo.
Karen Orlowski, founder and creator of TIPS and ASK Cosmetics Inc., developed her flagship product approx. 20 years ago.  She first started selling her unique nail care products on The Shopping Channel and after seeing how successful it was as a shopping network item she ventured into the USA and was accepted with open arms.  Now, hundreds of thousands of women and men swear by TIPS and TIPS for Toes as their go-to product for nail problems. 

The instructions has also been translated into French in order to accomodate our French-speaking customers around the world.

In this photo you can still see the old logo on the TIPS for Toes bottle.  However, the new, modern logo is printed in the TIPS brochure.
So, be sure to tune in Saturday July 13th between 7 - 8 am EST  Early Morning Beauty with Leah Williams for the TIPS Nail Conditioner kit and the inventor herself, Karen Orlowski.
For more information on ASK Cosmetics Inc. and
all their innovative, enhancing cosmetics check out their website.



  1. A bigger bottle can only be a good thing :)

    1. @Enigmatic Rambles - You're absolutely right! The bottle is larger holding 7 ml, which will last for 2 months now. It is also weighted on the bottom to prevent tipping and spilling of TIPS. We hope our customers are pleased with the new changes! Have a great day!

    2. Actually that is a great point, the previous bottle was a lot easier to knock over. Hope the launch went well :)