Friday, July 12, 2013

Off to Miami by Essence

And here it is "Off to Miami" by Essence.  It's a very pretty, rich coral shade - perfect for summer.
If you are interested in the ingredients, there is a pamphlet one can take at all the Essence cosmetics displays.  I have to warn you though, there are some "nasties" in their polishes.
2 coats seen here in this photo taken outdoors - I really liked the way the sunshine was caught by my digital camera.
For me an important criteria is the brush.  It is easy to work with; does it allow for even application; is it too wide or too narrow on the stroke?  I've tried to show you what the brush of all Essence polishes is like in these shots.

As you can see, it is very wide and for people with larger nails - it might be great to work with.  However, for people like myself with very small nails, it can be a nightmare at times.
Now, Essence is one of the most inexpensive polishes on the market that I know.  And so it is no surprise that you get what you pay for with this brand.  Admittedly, I keep going back because they have introduced some enticing shades, but I am always disappointed at the quality in comparison to other brands and I own, wear and work with regularly.
I always finish off all my manicures with a healthy dose of TIPS Nail Conditioner to treat the cuticles.  While wearing polish, it is advisable to apply TIPS around the nail and on the cuticle, but seeing as NOTHING will penetrate polish, it is a waste of product to apply TIPS over nail polish!
Would love to hear from you.....have you dabbled with Essence before?  How do you find the quality?
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day,  Lisa M.
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