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The Brand - ASK Cosmetics Inc.

    ASK Cosmetics has always strived for innovation and excellence in health and beauty.  We have created products that: are beneficial for your body, put back what nature intended to be there and enhance your natural beauty whether it is your finger nails, hair or skin.  We do not spend thousands of dollars on expensive packaging or advertising.  We prefer to invest in the most valuable ingredients for you and your body as well as the technology that goes into creating such healthy products.  The best example of this is our flagship product, T.I.P.S., which creates strong fingernails through flexibility and our technology achieves this amazing feat without the use of harmful surfactants.
We, at ASK Cosmetics, stand behind all of our products with the utmost integrity. All of our products are completely natural and 100 % safe for people of all ages.
ASK Cosmetics has a toll-free number and we encourage customers to call in if they have any questions. In this case, we tailor the use of our products so that our customers can get the maximum results.
This picture shows the ASK Cosmetics Ultimate Manicure Set.

ASK Cosmetics Nail & Skincare Products:
TIPS Nail Conditioner:

This specially formulated, lipid-rich conditioner is designed to transform brittle, splitting, peeling, weak nails into strong, healthy-looking nails in one simple step.  It is very fast, easy and inexpensive as one bottle lasts 6 weeks.  One product, one step to address all your nail-related issues.

What makes this nail and cuticle conditioner different from others?

Our lipid-rich solution is unique due to the combination of the lipids we use and our exclusive ingredient, which no other company has. Our lipids are small enough to penetrate the skin compared to other oils. Once in the skin they bind with the actual nail structure making them too large to penetrate out again. 
By treating the cells within the nail, our product strengthens your nails by giving them flexibility.Once absorbed by the nail and cuticle, T.I.P.S. cannot be washed off.
Therefore, your nails are replenished with these ever-so-important lipids, which are fundamental in creating healthy cuticles and flexible, strong nails. 

TIPS for Toes:

Especially created to transform yellowed, cracked, dry and peeling toe nails into natural, healthy ones, this product is formulated 33 % stronger to deal with thicker, tougher toe nails and cuticles.  It also helps those people who would like to grow out their artificial nails without the damage and unsightly look of removing them first.  One bottle will last up to 3 months.

ASK Contour File:

Our revolutionary, stainless steel nail file is designed to gently file and seal your nail edge.  Its unique ultra-fine surfaces help protect nails from peeling, splitting and other damage.  Due to these very fine surfaces there is no way to grab, rip and tear the ends of your nail fibres, which causes weakening of the nail.

ASK REVIVAL Nail Polish Remover:

Our exclusive formula deep treats and replenishes your nails with lipids while removing nail polish in one clean sweep.  Your nails will be conditioned instead of being dried out or stripped of lipids by the solvents found in other nail polish removers.  If you are a nail polish wearer, then you definitely have to try this remover.  It is unlike anything you have ever tried before - guaranteed!

ASK REVIVAL Skin Conditioning Milk:

This rich, moisturizing milk is formulated without waxes or silicones.  Our Skin Milk gives you soft and supply skin while enhancing the penetration and boosting the effectiveness of TIPS Nail Conditioner.  This formula can also be used on nails and cuticles without causing any build-up.

ASK REVIVAL Hand & Nail Cleanser:

The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser is a super-mild formulation that has been designed to gently clean while helping to preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier at the same time. It is very effective in removing dirt, oil, grime from your hands as well as make-up, yet it won’t strip the lipids from your skin.

The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser by ASK Cosmetics Inc. has been dermatologist-tested and is perfect for all skin types. For people with dry skin or eczema it is particularly recommendable because it is so mild and non-irritating.


Haircare Products by ASK Cosmetics Inc.

ASK REVIVAL Daily-Use Shampoo:

Our entire hair care line at ASK Cosmetics Inc. is extremely mild and non-irritating, suitable for all hair types even for people with a sensitive scalp. Although the Revival Daily-Use Shampoo is incredibly gentle, it still does the job of removing the oil build-up from your hair leaving the natural moisture barrier intact.
Our formula is enriched with natural-source ingredients designed to revitalize damaged hair and help prevent split-ends.  Because hair is exposed to so many damaging factors on a regular basis, we have to take care of it to achieve that healthy sheen, natural radiance and superb shine.

ASK REVIVAL Hair Conditioner:
Reveal a positively luminous, new sheen thanks to smoother, healthier hair cuticles.  The Revival Hair Conditioner by ASK Cosmetics Inc. conditions and nourishes leaving your hair soft and manageable.   This lipid-rich formula adds moisture giving hair extra strength, lift and shine.  Conditioning agents smooth the hair cuticle providing exceptional, long-lasting shine and radiance without build-up. 
The silicone-free formula our Revival Hair Conditioner has, leaves no build-up on the hair allowing deeper penetration of colourants for more radiant color.  The high lipid content helps maintain and enhance hair colour whether natural or colour-treated.  Natural-source ingredients work together to protect hair against the heat and stress of styling tools.
The Revival Hair Conditioner is perfectly suited for all hair types delivering hydration to moisture-starved hair providing new bounce as well as volume at the same time.  Give your hair life and style without weighing it down.

ASK REVIVAL Styling Creme:

Our Revival Styling Creme is an energetic styling aid for hair creating volume without weighing down your hair. Your locks will remain soft, resilient and flexible.
The unique humidity resistant properties provide maximum hold all day.  As with all our hair care products the Revival Styling Creme is formulated without waxes and silicones.  By using a special combination of vitamins, proteins and conditioners, our Revival Styling Creme adds texture, definition and shine to parched, frizzy hair without build-up.  This non-greasy formula helps protect your hair against the heat and stress of blow-drying as well as other mechanical devices.

All products are available through the online shop at or by calling the company directly on their toll-free number:  1 - 877 - 275 - 5566.

Both The Shopping Channel in Canada as well as QVC US carry most products from the ASK Cosmetics product line.

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