Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We've got you covered on CYBER MONDAY

Who doesn't like a good deal now and then?  Even better if it's before Christmas and perhaps someone on your shopping list could be taken care of with a super cool present for under $20.
For the first time ever ASK Cosmetics Inc. of Canada is offering an awesome deal on two of their customer top favourites:  TIPS Nail Conditioner and the Contour Nail File.

Your savings are tremendous...

Normally 1 x TIPS Nail Conditioner and 1 x Contour Nail File would cost $32.28. 
Now, that might seem expensive, but don't forget 1 bottle of TIPS lasts 6 weeks providing daily manicures & treatments to your nails and cuticles, and the Contour Nail File lasts a lifetime - so, good value for your money when compared to other nailcare items.
In addition to the savings on the regular price, there will be no charges for shipping & handling, which means savings $7.50 more.  In total, you can calculate saving approx. $18 - $20.
Just remember to enter the promo code "TIPS Stocking Stuffer Set" when ordering via the ASK Cosmetics online shop at
or when ordering toll-free 1-877-275-5566 simply quote the promo code.
For more information on the benefits of both TIPS Nail Conditioner and the Contour Nail File just click here.
Stay safe during the holidays.  Thanks for stopping by, Lisa M.

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