Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting fancy with Glitter - Part 2

In my attempts to create new looks I have been experimenting with various glitters as top coats.  Personally, I think one can achieve a really cool effect by applying them over your favourite polish shade.  Although I haven't mastered the technique with the glitters yet, I have found some easier to work with than others.  It took me two applications of "In the Spotlight" to get this much glitter.

This is the combination I used:  ASK Nailwear Base/Topcoat, 3 coats of ASK Nailwear "Rose Gold" and 2 applications of Sally Hansen's "In the Spotlight".
While out shopping yesterday I was very tempted to buy the new Topcoat glitters by Essie.  They look quite amazing and I can't wait to see the effect they have.  Has anybody swatched them yet?

One last image of this combo, but working with artificial light is a nightmare.  The colours and effects just don't come to light as they should.  I would have liked to take some shots of this outside.  C'est la vie!  Maybe nest time when the harsh temperatures of winter are gone.....

To be honest with everyone the only reason I ventured into the world of bling and glitter was to test the effectiveness of the Revival Nail Polish Remover by ASK Cosmetics.  This remover was created due to the frequent requests by customers to have a remover on the market that would not dry out the nails so badly while removing polish at the same time.  Karen Orlowski was so clever in her technology that she decided to super-saturate her remover with the T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner formulation, thus creating a two-in-one product.  Sure, you remove polish but you also treat and fortify your nails and cuticles all in one step, leaving them feeling moisturized and silky soft.

However, the ASK Cosmetics' Nail Polish Remover was invented and put on the market long before glitter top coats and the likes were available.  Therefore, this product was primarily made only for the tough job of removing up to 3 layers of polish.  I, myself, have been test driving the Revival Nail Polish Remover in various scenerios, but I am very anxious to have my fellow bloggers test and eventually review our remover.   

I will not report my findings on the effectiveness of our Revival Nail Polish Remover, as I am slightly biased.  Let's wait and hear what my fellow bloggers, who have the most experience with numerous products, brands and situations, think of our remover.  Have an enjoyable weekend!


  1. Thanks, I'm having lots of fun experimenting.

  2. I have all of the Essie effects except the pink one. They really are nice to play with!

  3. Nice glitter combo! That remover sounds amazing I hate that remover dries out my nails so I always put cuticle oil on before I use harsh remover.