Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spanish Moss by Revlon

I've been noticing a lot of green shades being swatched and reviewed by bloggers.  Some bright, others muted.  I'm sure you feel the same way sometimes - that a colour might look awesome on her nails, but you know deep down the same shade would look terrible on your own. 

When I sighted this shade I was immediately drawn to it since it is an earthy tone, with a hint of grey to it.  It doesn't stand out like some other greens, but makes a subtle statement on its own.

2 coats of "Spanish Moss" #190 by Revlon

Products I used for this manicure are:  Clear Base Coat by ASK Cosmetics, Spanish Moss and finished off with TIPS Nail Conditioner around my cuticles and under the natural nail.

One more shot.....

I really like the shade and think it will mix and match with so many outfits.  It would look great with both gold and silver jewellery.  It applies very easily and the brush they have is on the thicker side, but lovely to work with.

BTW - Pretty NPolished is having a Nail Art Summer Challenge with fantastic prizes.  The theme of the manicure is, of course, a beach theme.  If any of you are interested, I suggest you wander over to her FB page or blog to find out more details.  It sounds like a lot of fun and I know many of you are extremely talented in creating a gorgeous mani with a design to it.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the summer thusfar. 
Take care and stay safe, Lisa M