Monday, April 23, 2012

From weak, brittle to drop-dead gorgeous nails in 10 weeks

Natalie, a fellow blogger "Glazed Talons", has transformed her nails in 10 weeks.  Her journey, the ups and downs along the way and the end results are here for you to see.  She has done a fantastic job in following the guidelines of the challenge, and this has yielded amazing success, which she is extremely proud of.  We, at ASK Cosmetics Inc., are so pleased to have helped Natalie achieve her lifetime goal - good-looking, long, strong, nails.  Well done!

The following is a progress report sent to me by email from Natalie herself.  Nothing has been added or eliminated in any way.  This is her Bare Naked Nail Challenge adventure......

So the first photo I've attached, is the photo I submitted for the challenge. It shows my nails very damaged, after the use of press/glue-on nails.

Week 1: The second photo, is after one week of use.  At this point I am skeptical, although there is a bit of growth.  I had cut the nails down and used the ASK Contour File to seal the plates of the nails.
Week 2: The next four photos in this sequence are after week 2. The first photo shows my badly damaged thumbnail before the T.I.P.S. nail conditioner.
The second photo shows my thumbnail after two weeks of use of the T.I.P.S.
The third and fourth photos are of both my left and right hands/fingernails after the second week.
Week 3: Please view the next two photos.  These photos you can see the thumbnails on both of my hands are both looking better than before. By this time, I am a little ticked off, though. Why, because I chipped a nail on my left hand, and wound up cutting the growth back on all ten nails.  Even two weeks of growth was not alot, but it meant something to me, and having a setback like that, made me a bit angry.  But I did continue as you will see in the following photos.
Week 4: The next two photos are of left and right hands/nails. This is the week where I started to feel like I was actually going somewhere with the challenge. There isn't a whole lot of growth apparent in the photos, however, I am getting more of a feeling of what it feels like to "baby my nails", pamper them, so to speak. The real progress for me here, was not so much growth, as it was realizing that I was doing something on a daily basis, sometimes three times a day, applying the T.I.P.S.  Doing this on a daily basis gave me a good feeling inside.
Week 5: And two more photos.  Left and right. Not much to say, except every little bit of growth counts.
Week 6: The next two photos, left and right. Wow!  At the half-way mark of 12 weeks! And amazingly my nails show some considerable growth in these photos, which I did not expect at all. I never expected for my nails to grow that long!
Week 7: Almost two months are over. The two views in both these photos, show what I love about my nails. I found myself staring at them.  I love to look at them. They are beautiful to me.
Week 8: Two more photos, left and right. So pleased! The results are amazing! T.I.P.S. is awesome!
Week 9: Two more photos, left and right. This is where I see a dramatic difference in the way my nails look compared to the way they looked in the beginning of the challenge. To me it is an incredibly dramatic difference! I am very happy with the ASK products. I love my nails now! I love them so much, because I can just stare at them, because I love to see the white part of the nail, which in nail blogger language is called Visible Nail Line or VNL for short.  My nails are the prettiest they have ever been my entire life!

Week 10:  My final shots!   My nails look even longer now,and this is only one week later!  I was asked by one of my readers if I would recommend T.I.P.S. I said yes, I do recommend it. I intend to incorporate the use of T.I.P.S. into my regular nail care routine.  I recommend it because I have seen real results, real drop-dead gorgeous nails! I still haven't been able to stop staring at my nails! (This weekly update will go up on the blog on 4/21)

So there you have it Lisa. My summary. Thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of the nail challenge. Through the use of T.I.P.S. I have accomplished a long time goal of having pretty nails!
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Thanks for stopping by and reading about Natalie's incredible nail transformation.  The pictures say it all!  Once again, congrats to Natalie and her great-looking talons.

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