Friday, April 20, 2012

Feature Friday

Some of us are lucky enough to have a bit of green space around our home.   Some of us are fortunate to have colourful, blossoming flower gardens, vegetable gardens in-waiting, greenhouses, decorative flower pots and the likes.  Some of us even enjoy the hobby of gardening. 

If gardening in not your forte, it might very well be something else that brings you immense pleasure in your free-time: doting on your children, doing sports, being active, caring for pets, cleaning your house, maintaining your home, etc.  Whatever the case may be, you will always need a good, gentle hand soap.


ASK Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser
Do your hands and nails a favour with a gentle, soothing cleansing.  After all, they work so hard for us the whole day.
The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser is a super-mild formulation that has been designed to gently clean while helping to preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier at the same time.  It is very effective in removing dirt, oil, grime from your hands as well as make-up, yet it won’t strip the lipids from your skin. 

The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser by ASK Cosmetics Inc. has been dermatologist-tested and is perfect for all skin types.  For people with dry skin or eczema it is particularly recommendable because it is so mild and non-irritating.

Many soaps and detergents on the market strip lipids from your skin and nails as they contain harsh surfactants.  Repeated hand washing is known to increase the incidence of brittleness in nails and dryness in skin.  The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser, on the other hand, uses only mild surfactants and enhances what nature intended to be there, namely lipids.  Can you imagine a cleanser that is 98 % milder than any baby soap? 
That’s the Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser!

"Strong enough to take the worst dirt and grease off mechanics' hands, yet gentle enough for a baby's bottom."  That is the best way to describe this extremely concentrated, efficient cleanser.

Here is a re-cap of the benefits of the Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser by ASK Cosmetics Inc.:
  • The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser is 98 % milder than other baby soaps, washes and hand cleansers on the market today:
  • It is formulated using glycosides and succinates, which are extremely gentle and non-irritating to your skin;
  • You only require a very small amount, yet it cleans effectively, removing all dirt, oil and grime.
  • It is a fanastic product to gently remove all your make-up in one clean swipe. Even mascara comes off incredibly easily. 
  • This product has been dermatologist-tested and can be used on all skin types.
  • The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser preserves what nature intended to be there, namely lipids.  Unlike most conventional hand soaps, which contain water as one of the main ingredients and sulfates and/or other harsh ingredients, this gentle cleanser will not strip your hands of their moisture or lipids.
  • This product has been proven to sanitize your hands as well.
The Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser is available on ASK Cosmetics Online Shop for $13.95 CAD, prices also given in US $ on the appropriate site.

Special Promotion Offer (only 'til April 30th, 2012) - Free shipping and handling on all orders of $20 or more. 
You will need the promo code:  montyv3.

It would be a great time to stock up if you are already familiar with the unique, effective and above-all healthy products by ASK Cosmetics, or you could surprise your mother or a loved one on Mother's Day with a well-deserved selection of products to offer hands, nails, skin and even hair with a boost of TLC.

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