Monday, December 12, 2011

How T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner has helped my nails and cuticles

I have been using T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner faithfully now for 12 months.  Admittedly I had never placed much emphasis on having great looking nails due to my active, sports-driven lifestyle - thinking the two simply were not conducive.  I was proven to be so wrong!
This photo was taken yesterday after applying T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner, that's why they look so shiny.  Since applying T.I.P.S. I have noticed that the colours of my nails are much more vibrant, the texture of my nails has become stronger, yet flexible.  For example, if I bump into something my nail doesn't break at all.  I never have to touch my cuticles because they recede naturally.  I haven't had any more embarassing, ugly-looking hangnails to speak of.  In fact, I have become so vain about the appearance of my nails that I glance at them far too often now.
It is the easiest, one-step, no-fuss way to achieving gorgeous, strong nails!  Stay tuned for my first attempts at "swatching" the ASK Cosmetics' Nailwear top colours - but please bear with me and keep in mind that I represent the company ASK Cosmetics, so I am not reviewing the products.  I am merely passing on my observations as an avid user. 


  1. @Karen D Thanks for your comment. I am so proud of them, and it's all thanks to T.I.P.S. I just have to become better in applying nail polish now. Having said that, I do prefer sporting the natural look most of the time.

  2. I have used T.I.P.S in the past and it was great. I need to use up all the treatments I have and go back to it because I know for a fact it works. Your nails do look great like the other poster said.

  3. It looks like this stuff works wonders !! I think I need to give it a go ! I have horrible nails. Been looking for a solution for ever so long now! This may be it!