Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My first attempts at "Swatching" - ASK Cosmetics Nailwear

This shade is called "Burnt Berry" and has been an all-time favourite of customers for a long time.  I think the best word for this tone is - versatile.  It is the kind of colour that can go from day-time to night-time in a pinch - looking elegant by day, yet subtly sexy at night.
Very Christmasy indeed!  The name of this shade speaks for itself - "Perfect Red".  Now, I realize there are oodles of red shades on the market, but this one has a richness to it that can rarely be found.  A must-have, if not for your fingers then definitely for your toes!
The ASK Nailwear polishes go on very nicely, but what I like most about them is the fact that they are fast-drying and long-lasting.  I can wear this shade for at least one week without seeing the wear and tear of my daily activites on my nails.

I fear the brightness of the natural light does not show the true intensity of this shade.  "Rose Gold" has a gorgeous shimmer to it and if you are a fan of orange - this is your shade. 

As the title implies, this was my first try at taking shots of these polish colours.  I hope each attempt will get better and my pictures will look as professional as those of my fellow bloggers.  Truly amazed at the perfection, creativity and great-looking nails in all the blogs I have viewed so far, I was somewhat intimidated to post these. 

Happy Holiday Season to All!  Til tomorrow..... Lisa M


  1. I like that Perfect Red! Very pretty!

  2. Great colours! Thanks for the swatches:)

  3. Love Perfect REd and Burnt Berry.. they are both very pretty! You did a good job with the swatching too

  4. Nice polishes! They have nice names too, I especially love perfect red!

  5. Lisa Mueller for ASK CosmeticsDecember 16, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    Thanks a million for your comments, gals. I hope my swatches can become as good as yours some day! You bloggers are the nicest people in the social networking world, and it is a joy to be part of this community. Lisa M

  6. Your first attempts at swatching are really good! My first ones looked like crap :P