Monday, January 16, 2012

Essentials on Nail Care - Part 1

Understanding the Importance of Lipids
There are several different types of lipids and not all lipids work in the same way.  Different types of lipids within our bodies do different things; for example, some lipids are responsible for vitamin absorption, others for energy production, and still other lipids are necessary for cell lubrication.  For our purposes we will concentrate on the latter.  Bear in mind that our cuticles are comprised of thousands of cells, whose cell membranes are actually made up of lipids and plasma.  Lipids coat the cells with lubrication, providing a protective barrier.  In addition, lipids allow for proper function and cell development, which is important because most cells continually degrade and replace these membrane lipids.  Thus, there is a continuous need for them. 
Many people are not aware of the fact that we strip these ever so important lipids from our hands, nails and cuticles every day.  This happens when we wash our hands numerous times, use hand cleansers containing sulphates, apply hand lotions containing waxes and silicones, clean our homes using harsh cleansing agents or chemicals, etc.  A good indication that our bodies are lacking lipids is dry skin and stiff hair. 
Our lipid-rich nail conditioner, T.I.P.S.™, is specially designed to replenish your nails and cuticles with these essential lipids.  As proven in clinical studies our formulation combined with our secret ingredient allow the penetration of lipids into the nail, hair and skin, putting back what nature intended to be there in the first place.


  1. A few weeks ago a lady at my church was raving at my thick head of hair,and how "most women would kill for hair like that." but for some reason gemetics,maybe,my nails have always been a disapointment to me.I've abused my hair,straightened it,color treated it,etc. It still looks great,but nails,pfff.

  2. sounds great and I really wanna try but I just don't know if I can go without polish that long.

  3. Just today I received my order of the nail conditioner. And I can't believe how much better they look and FEEL after only one application!!! My nails were soooo dry before and now feel so much smoother.

    I got the kit from QVC with the Revival hand & nail cleanser, along with the Revival skin conditioning milk PLUS 2 small bottles of the nail conditioner. And I LOVE them all.

    I have *on order* the nail files (not here yet) and the toe conditioner :)

    Thanks for such a great product!!