Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are your toe nails ready for summer?

The Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge is in full swing now.  Participants are sending in their progress reports week-by-week and commenting on how their toe nails feel, what they have noticed and any changes they have experienced.  Transforming damaged nails takes time - "Rome wasn't built in a day" - neither are naturally healthy-looking, attractive nails.  As you all know, toe nails are much thicker and the cuticles on your toes are much tougher in comparison to our finger nails.  TIPS for Toes, the main product of this challenge, is formulated 33 % stronger than TIPS Nail Conditioner exactly for the above-mentioned reasons.

What most people forget is that our toes have to endure a lot of moisture in the form of perspiration, that is very drying and irritating for our toes.  The huge advantage of the summer season is not having to wear socks, stockings, shoes and boots all the time.  With the onset of the warmer weather we can give our poor feet and toes a breather now and then.  Go barefoot, wear sandals, sport some flipflops!
Polish Shade:  2 coats of "Classic Peacock" by ASK Cosmetics with Clear Base Coat and Clear Top Coat

BEACH-READY here we come............

Week 1 - Progress Report and Photo sent in by Linda

I have been using A.S.K. product on my toes for since receiving my kit. I am so pleased with the condition of my cuticles. My nails however have not shown (yet) the growth & whiteness that my fingernails showed but I feel that probably I haven't given it time yet. So here is my picture and we'll see what happens at next update. Thanks for now.   Linda

Week 1 & 2 - Progress Report and Photos sent in by Dorothy

Her reasons for entering the challenge and her nail story:

I’m ashamed of my toe nails- truly ashamed. They are ugly. I’m not a fancy woman or a fashion diva. In fact I'm far from it. I like the natural look. But there is a difference between natural and ugly and my toe nails are ugly. I’m 48 years old, but my toe nails belong to someone who is 68. Because they are oddly shaped, ridged and dry, I catch them on hosiery and linens. They are ugly and discomforting.

After Week 1:
After Week 2:
She wrote me: 
Hi Lisa,
My toe nails look healthier this week. They have a sheen that looks alive - not as old-ladyish as a week ago. I also feel that they are less brittle.
I dropped the bottle of TIPs and discovered it is an excellent hardwood floor cleaner, too!
Cheers,  Dorothy

Week 1 - Progress Report and Photos sent in by Connie

Hi Lisa,
Here are the first pics of my tooties for the challenge. I started on May 14 so this is the first week's photos. They do seem to look a tad better after one week. Pardon my swollen right foot, I have problems sometimes with that leg and foot swelling after being on it too much. I really hope that they will get in decent shape, I have quit wearing open toe sandals and wearing closed toe for the present.
I'll be sending the pics on Monday evenings every week or Tuesday mornings.
Have a great week!  Connie

I am also pleased this time around to have included 2 fellow bloggers.  They are posting their progress reports with comments and documented with photos on their individual blog sites.

Here they are:

Katy @  Pancua

ASK Cosmetics is thrilled to be able to help these ladies on their way to achieving nice-looking, healthy, beach-ready toe nails.

What condition are your toe nails in?  Could they use a little TLC?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Til tomorrow, Lisa M.

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