Monday, May 21, 2012

Beach-worthy Shades

Turquoise always reminds me of summer in some way.  Whether it's jewellery, clothing, make-up or nail polish - memories of gorgeous, pristine lakes and long, hot summery days at the beach come to mind.  So, I set out to find some suitable shades of turquoise to satisfy my longing for these bygone summer days.

First off, I found NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in #206 East Village. 
In the bottle it looked like the shade I was searching for, however it turned out too greenish for my liking when I applied it.  These polishes are fast drying (as they promise to be) and they apply very nicely, which is admirable in any polish. 
In this photo:  3 coats of NYC "East Village"

I always finish off my manicures with a treatment of TIPS Nail Conditioner around the cuticles and on the underside of my natural nail.  Once everything is completely dry I apply a very small amount of Revival Skin Conditioning Milk to hydrate the skin and make my hands look as great as my mani.

The second shade of turquoise that I picked up on that day was Essie's "Beach Bum Blu".  Admittedly, I am a huge Essie fan and both the name of the polish as well as the shade caught my attention.

This Essie polish applied very well.  I haven't been disappointed thusfar with any Essie polishes.  You can see 2 coats here, which provide a rich, elegant shade of turquoise.

Don't forget to re-apply top coat every two days.  This will prolong your manicure and refresh the look of the shade you're wearing.

Do you like shades of turquoise as much as I do?  Hope you day is going well.  Thanks for stopping by, Lisa M.

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