Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Longing for radiant, healthy hair this summer?

Featured Product this week is the Revival Daily Use Shampoo.......

.... which is as gentle as a baby shampoo yet strong enough to get the job done while leaving your hair healthy, fortified as well as protected.  This shampoo can be used by the whole family - for the youngsters and the adults alike.  Since it doesn't contain any harsh surfactants, it will not dry out or irritate your scalp.  If you colour your hair, this is a definite must accompanied by the ASK Cosmetics Revival Hair Conditioner.

·       Revival Daily-Use Shampoo is formulated with a unique combination of mild surfactants;
·         It will not strip the natural protective barrier off the hair leaving it exposed and   vulnerable;
·         It is extremely mild and non-irritating, great for all hair types;
·         It provides your hair with strength and manageability;
·         It will take the oil and dirt build-up off your hair without removing what nature intended to be there.

Here are some great tips by InStyle Magazine for those of you who dye your hair, click here

In addition to these wonderful tips, I would like to pass on one extremely important tip that I was given a few years ago.  If you choose to colour your hair, you must be aware of the stress and damage you are doing to the hair cuticles.  They literally stand at attention after applying all the chemicals in the colouring solutions, otherwise the dye would not penetrate and do its job.  Here is my advice:  NEVER apply the deep conditioning treatment the box/brand supplies you with.  This thick conditioner will only clog the cuticles, weigh them down resulting in damage, cause yellowing after a few weeks and ultimately leads to straw-like, unmanageable hair.  Believe me - this has happened to me in the past.  Since I stopped applying the tube my hair is absolutely gorgeous, natural looking and much healthier AFTER dyeing it.  My routine consists of washing my hair every day with the Revival Daily Use Shampoo and I use the ASK Cosmetics Revival Hair Conditioner about 3 - 4 times a week.  The success I have experienced after colouring my hair is amazing.

Your Solutions for those “Summer Hair Dilemmas”
1.  Protect Your Scalp at all times
Since the top of your head gets the most direct exposure to UV rays, add a few drops of sunscreen or a swipe of a sun block stick along your part to prevent burns above your neck.  Better yet, toss on a cute floppy hat for full-face protection

2.  Never Shampoo Before Your Swim

Whether at the pool or ocean, don't jump in with freshly washed hair (unless you're donning a swim cap). Chlorine, chemicals, and salt water are rough on cuticles, and freshly-washed tresses are more vulnerable to damage.

3.  Go Sleek with your Style

Apart from keeping your neck cool, a slicked-back ponytail accents your features and gives your look an instant lift. Secure strands with an elastic band that matches your hair color, and be sure to place the ponytail about two inches above the top of your ears for a face-flattering profile.

4.  Rinse With Cool Water

For those who believe in "no pain, no gain," run your hair under the coldest water you can stand for a few seconds before getting out of the shower. The icy blast will seal cuticles shut, leaving your strands super shiny

5.  Soothe a Burnt Scalp

For a DIY calming scalp mask, stylist James Corbett suggests mixing one part mashed cucumber with one part sour cream. The anti-inflammatory properties of the veggie will cool the scalp, while the sour cream works to balance pH levels

6.  Keep It Covered

If your hair has recently been coloured, try to keep it out of the sun as much as possible. Wear a cute scarf to protect your tresses and add an on-trend boho vibe to your beach look.

Thanks a million for stopping by and reading this post.  Some posts get lengthy, but there is just so much info I would like to pass on to you.  All comments are most welcome!

Did you find any useful tips in this post?  Sure hope so....

Lisa M.

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