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TIPS and Revival Skin Milk to the rescue!

Elena’s story - How ASK Cosmetics' products helped her get rid of a skin break-out she has had for many years

Since Elena was 9 years old she has been having regular “eczema-like” breakouts once a year.  In particular her right hand is affected when she is under more stress than usual or when she wears latex gloves.   For some reason this condition often happens at the onset of spring and summer.
Elena explains that it is really uncomfortable for her to show her hands during this time, as people might look at her hands and think she has a disease and it could be contagious.  She feels very embarrassed when she has to shake someone’s hand or even show her hands when these breakouts occur.
The first photo of Elena’s hand was taken June 5th, 2012 after the breakout had started approx. June 1st.  As you can see from this shot mainly her thumb, pointer finger and middle finger are affected.  The area looks extremely de-hydrated and the ends of her fingers suffer the most.
These photos were taken June 5th before Elena started applying TIPS for Toes and the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk to her affected right hand.
When this eczema-like breakout happens Elena’s skin turns hard, then it starts cracking.  Sometimes little bumps filled with water, that are very itchy, appear on her skin.  It takes about 2 days for the skin to begin peeling.  After that her skin is tight and pulls.  The sensitivity in her affected fingers decreases with each breakout.  She actually loses sensation in those fingers.  After each episode her fingers feel more callused, rougher and the skin is harder, less soft.
If she has a really severe bout her fingers get warm, become swollen, even inflamed.  She also experiences a beating or pulsating feeling in them.
In the past Elena has tried using greasy creams to help soften the skin up.  She has purchased “rich” hand creams with a high factor of moisturization, however in most cases her skin felt even itchier after applying them to the peeling areas.  I explained to her that was due to the waxes and silicones found in those skin lotions/creams she had used. 
You see, any skin products with waxes and silicones act as solvents stripping your hands/skin of moisture and create a waxy film on your hands.   

Beginning on June 5th Elena started applying TIPS for Toes on her badly affected areas, especially the thumb, pointer and middle fingers on her right hand, followed by a small amount of the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk.  She did this twice a day.

She noticed immediately that the skin on her right hand became softer and felt “nourished”.  It was healing really fast.  Elena had the feeling that the skin had a stronger texture and the irritating bumps had disappeared.
This photo was taken June 14th after using TIPS for Toes and the Revival Skin Milk for 9 days, twice a day.

I met with Elena on June 14th, at which time we took some after photos of her right hand.  She was absolutely thrilled with the results.  There was a tremendous improvement in the feeling, texture and appearance of both hands, but in particular the right hand.

She also told me that she had been washing dishes the night before and felt the irritating bumps developing again.  So, she applied TIPS for Toes and the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk in the evening before going to bed and the bumps did not develop over night. 

Elena has been a faithful user of TIPS Nail Conditioner for about one year now and has seen the positive results this product by ASK Cosmetics has had on her fingernails.  However, she was a bit mystified when I told her to try the combination of TIPS for Toes and the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk on her hands in order to give her relief and aid in the healing of the skin due to her nasty breakout. 
Elena was extremely pleased with the progress her hands have made and will continue to treat them with the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk daily.  She has discarded all her other hand lotions after discovering what they contain.  ASK Cosmetics was also very happy to help Elena in this situation.  Her testimonial was recorded by Lisa Mueller of ASK Cosmetics.  Elena originally comes from Rome, speaks English quite well, but found it easier to tell her story rather than write it out herself.  We thank Elena for sharing it with us.

Thumbs up for ASK Cosmetics!

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