Thursday, July 5, 2012

Polka dots anyone?

Yesterday I was so impressed by all the creative, gorgeous, sparking and patriotic manicures that were being shown on Facebook.  Absolutely stunning!  And here's hoping everyone had a safe, enjoyable July 4th celebration.

Before I show you my meagre attempts at "nailart" I would like to share an interesting summer giveaway with you.  Drinkcitra is offering 3 lucky people a chance to win some amazing polish shades here with the contest running until July 28th.  Be sure and check it out, if you like taking part in giveaways.  Who knows you may get lucky!

Let's begin with the better of my two attempts at free-handed polka dots.
From left to right:  ASK Cosmetics Nailwear shade "Perfect Red", Revlon's "Spanish Moss #190" and TIPS Nail Conditioner to finish off each manicure.  I love wearing each of these two lacquer shades on their own.  They both apply very nicely and are elegant, rich colours for every occasion.

I'm not quite sure what design I was trying to create.  I simply wanted to try my hand at an easy polka dot look.  However, I realized a dotting tool would certainly make things easier and neater looking, for sure.

I love this particular colour combination.  The red dots give the olive green shade a real pop.  "Perfect Red" dried very quickly on 2 coats of "Spanish Moss", which made this a lot easier than I anticipated.

The next combination is one I tried, but Revlon's "Electric #305" was a nightmare to work with.  I only used it because one of my followers commented that she would love to see the yellow polish I had used in my Spanish flag manicure on its own. 

From left to right:  Clear Base Coat, Revlon's "Electric #305", Nailwear by ASK Cosmetics "Rich Sapphire" and TIPS Nail Conditioner to finish off the manicure and treat my cuticles as well as the underside of my nail.

Well, here you can see more of the base colour yellow, but honestly,  I am glad "Electric" was on sale.  Had I paid full price for it I would have been extremely frustrated with Revlon. 

As much as I enjoy and appreciate the work that goes into a nail art manicure, I'm not convinced this is for me.  Having said that I am totally fascinated by some of the new techiques coming out, i.e marble manicure, splattering and taped manis, so I will probably give them a try - just for the fun of it!

Have you ever tried doing any kind of nail art?  How did it do?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you're making the most of your day!  Lisa M.


  1. I seem to be doing an awful lot of nail art at the moment! If you don't have dotting tools you can use a hair pin or a pencil :)

    1. @Enigma - Hey, thanks for the tip. Will try that next time I am in the mood for dots. I'm dying to try a marble mani. Looks like fun - have you tried one before?

    2. I have tried it twice, very messy but worth the clean up for the effect you get :) here is my attempt I need better colours though!

    3. @Enigma - Good news - you are one of the winners in our Pin Me to Win Me Contest. Please contact me at: to claim your prize package asap. Thanks for sharing the link to your marble mani.