Monday, July 15, 2013

Azure Seas by Maybelline

An unbelievably beautiful blue!  It reminds me of wonderful vacations by the seaside and awakes a strong yearning to head to the beach.  I present "Azure Seas #990" by Maybelline to you today!
Seen here are 2 coats of this wonderful summery shade.  The photos I display on my blog are usually taken outside in natural light as I find it shows the polish shades closest to their appearance.  I also enjoy finding enhancing, natural backgrounds for my shots - like this one in front of one of my beautiful hosta plants.  The contrast of blue on green here really makes this polish shade come alive, don't you think?

Whether in the direct sunshine or in the shade this colour is so attractive.  The name is quite suitable and I couldn't stop comparing my nails to the colour of the water in a movie I recently watched.  Have you ever seen "Out of the Blue" starring Paul Walker, Jessica Alba and Josh Brolin?  Well, this was the very first time I saw a movie with Ms. Alba.  The jury is still out on her acting ability, but what I enjoyed most about this movie was the fantastic underwater footage and the breathtaking scenery on the waters surrounding the Bahamas.
This is definitely one blue that will be in my collection for a while.  The application was good as always with the Maybelline Color Show polishes.  The brush quality is normal and allows for easy application (please don't look too closely at the job I did here - two strong cups of coffee are not a good pre-requisite for an excellent mani!!)  The wear was standard as well - 5 - 6 days without any significant wear showing up.  I've tried others from the Maybelline collections before and I think they are great!  In this particular case, you get the quality you pay for.
Best Practice Advice:  For those of you who use TIPS Nail Conditioner or TIPS for Toes - don't forget to apply TIPS every day around your cuticles and under your natural nail.  Your newly developing nail begins to form between your first knuckle and your moons, so apply TIPS back that far as it penetrates and replenishes the nails and cuticles with essential lipids that we strip our fingers of each day.
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Is this a shade you would wear?  Does it make you want to pack your bags and head for the Caribbean?
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