Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Girls are Out! So look out.....

The Girls are out by Essie - one of the gorgeous shades from the summer 2013 collection
My nails before the manicure took place.  Can you see the ever-so-subtle shimmer in this polish?
As far as pinks go this shade is right at the top of my list of favourites.  The subtle shimmer really adds a touch of "bling" to it.  I think it's the perfect summer shade for either your finger OR toe nails.

One important factor of a really good polish brand is the application brush.  Essie normally has smaller, thinner brushes that always allow for easy application.  Granted, sometimes you require more that the usual three swipes on each nail to do a good job, but the brush is super easy to manage.

Not sure if the shimmer really comes to life in my photos.  It's hard for me to tell since I know it's there. 
My brief summary:  I love the shade.  It lives up to all my expectations of an Essie polish.  The application was easy and fussfree.  I wore this shade for 5 days.  Had I wrapped my tips better during the manicure, the staying power might have been better - my oversight.  I went ahead and applied it to my toes, which also looks amazing for summer.

Charlotte enjoying her beach time on the north shore of Cape Cod at Race Point

BTW - you might be wondering how I got that ugly brown spot on my ring finger...... you won't believe this!  My new dog, Charlotte is CRAZZZZZY about playing fetch.  In fact, she hounds me all day long to throw something for her to run after.  But the game can get slightly dangerous for the thrower as she doesn't release the ball right away.  She waits and waits; then drops it and jumps after the other one I am holding in my hand.  If I am not fast enough in throwing it, she occasionally catches my fingers with her sharp, little teeth.  OUCH!  That's how I got that little brown blemish on my finger.  Who knew "go fetch" could be so dangerous!
That's all for today!  So, I strongly advise you run out and check out the latest Essie shades this summer.   Most of the summer 2013 collection are on the lighter, pastel side, but "The Girls are Out" is awesome.
Have you tried any from this collection yet?
Stay cool!  Til next time,  Lisa M




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