Friday, November 2, 2012

Essie's Stylenomics - Greener than Green!

This Fall/Winter 2012 polish by Essie really gives your nails a rich shade of green.  Under certain light conditions it tends to go so dark you can't distinguish what colour it actually is.  Let me show you what I mean....
Coats:  2 (some people might prefer leaving the manicure with one coat only)
Thickness of polish:  on a scale from 1 (thinnest) - 10 (thickest) "Stylenomics" would be a 9.
Ease of Application:  fairly easy once you become accustomed to the thickness.
Wearability:  fairly good (5 days with minor evidence of wear and tear)
Appeal Factor:  lovely shade for late fall, reminds one of Xmas
In my humble opinion, dark green cannot be worn with all the trendy fall colours, but it will add an elegant accent to your nails that says: "Look at me!"
"No need to tighten your belt when you practice...
according to the Essie print ads seen in all fashion magazines.
I feel this green will be showing up in a lot of Christmas nail art this year.  So, I tried my hand at a very simple bit with my homemade tools again.
Base colour is Stylenomics by Essie with dots in Perfect Red by ASK Cosmetics Inc.
Fun Fact of the Day:  Light trauma, like typing on a computer stimulates nail growth.  Well, this kind of "trauma" is more like a massage for your nails. 
Would you wear dark green?  And if so, what do you think it would go well with?
Thanks for stopping by,  Lisa M.

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