Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Got dry hands?

Q:  My hands always get dry and peel in the winter.  What can I do to prevent this?

Your skin becomes dry when it loses two things:  its natural oils and water.  To remedy this, you need to pay attention to how you wash as well as moisturize them.

Why it happens.....  The air in a harsh, windy winter climate is often dehumidified, which means it doesn't just pull moisture out of the environment but your skin as well.  Using indoor heaters has the same effect.  In addition, people tend to wash their hands more often during cold and flu season, and exposure to harsh soaps and solvents can strip your skin of its oils.

Wash carefully.....  Try to only cleanse the palms of your hands and rinse well, as soap residue is drying and irritating.  Choose a mild soap (without any harsh surfactants) if possible.   Advice:  If you are not using the ASK Cosmetics Hand & Nail Cleanser, then opt for a mild glycerin soap as glycerin is a humectant, which means it will bind water in the skin, thereby helping to reduce water loss.

Soothe your skin.....  Moisturize your hands immediately after washing them.  A good practice is to apply moisturizer after wetting and drying your hands first as the purpose of moisturizer is to lock in the water that your skin just soaked up.  At night, give your hands a good lengthy wash in warm water, towel dry, then apply your moisturizer.  Cover them with cotton gloves to lock in the ointment and wear them overnight.  Advice:  If you are not using the ASK Cosmetics Skin Conditioning Milk, then try shea butter or oil (almond or jojoba) for your night-time moisture treatment.

What you need to know about these products......  ASK Cosmetics' Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser, which is 98% milder than any baby soap on the market and formulated using succinates rather than sulfates (harsh, irritating surfactant from the salt family of chemicals).  It's gentle enough to bathe a baby, yet strong enough to get off the toughest dirt and grime from a mechanic's hands.

For optimal moisturization I would recommend the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk, which contains the 5 most important ingredients one wants in a moisturizer, among them hyaluronic acid.  It can be used head to toe as an all-over moisturizer.  Formulated without waxes and silicones it does not leave your hands (or body for that matter) with a waxy feeling and it does not strip your hands of their natural moisture factors, rather it enhances them.  An added benefit:  the Skin Conditioning Milk does not leave a "silicone glove" on your nails, which is one possible cause for yellowing, dry finger nails.

Healthy, natural, enhancing skin care does get any easier than this.
All ASK Cosmetics products can be puchased at their online shop or by calling them toll-free at 1-877-275-5566.
Enjoy the rest of your day, Lisa M

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