Wednesday, March 20, 2013

QVC Beauty Event on March 24th

I've got great news for all the QVC US shoppers out there.  On Sunday March 24th  QVC US is offering free shipping & handling on the following items/kits by ASK Cosmetics:

A-62260 - 1 bottle of TIPS for Toes

A-62259 - 2 bottles of Revival Nail Polish Remover

A-69605 - 2 x Contour Nail Files in a set
A-00563 TIPS 5 Piece Ultimate Manicure Kit

A-1859    2 bottles of the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk
For more information on these products, check out this page for brief product descriptions and to find out more about the brand, ASK Cosmetics Inc. of Canada.

All these kits are available on QVC's Beauty - TIPS Nail Care website.  These products and all the details about ordering can be found right here.
Take advantage and save some money on QVC this Sunday, March 24th. 
See you soon,  Lisa M.


  1. I so wanted to try out the full kit but just got the tips for toes!

    1. You can also use TIPS for Toes on your nails. In combination with the Contour Nail File your nails will be stronger, healthier than ever provided the instructions are followed. Several bloggers who have taken part in the ASK Cosmetics nail transformation challenges have had tremendous success with TIPS for Toes and the file in getting rid of splitting, peeling, yellowing nails.