Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peach & Cream by Essence

Brand new - Essence Nude Glam Series with Peach & Cream featured here today.
This shade is very attractive and innocent looking.  I can imagine it as polish shade for weddings perhaps.  However, as you can see for the few photos I post here, it's not a shade that is flattering for my skin tone. 

Credit goes to TIPS Nail Conditioner for the great nails I have.  Thanks to daily applications my nails are strong enough and yet flexible enough to withstand gardening, cleaning and all the sports I do.

TIPS Nail Conditioner can be worn with manicures as well.  Simply apply it around the skin surrounding your nails and generously on the cuticles.

I made a beginners mistake when applying this polish.  The first coat I applied was far too thick.  This resulted in a rather uneven first and second coat.  Things just didn't get any better during the second application, even though my toes were crossed.  Therefore, I'll only leave you with a few shots of this elegant shade and hope for better results next time round.
Always make sure your hands are moisturized.  Nothing looks worse than a well-groomed, manicured hand and dry cracked cuticles and/or parched hand skin.  I would highly recommend using a hand lotion that does not contain any waxes or silicones.  Why?  Well, these waxes and silicones found in many hand and body creams/lotions will:
  • strip your hands of their moisture leaving them dry, cracked and possibly irritated;
  • leave a "silicone glove" on your hands which builds up over time.  This so-called silicone glove will not allow the penetration of any nail care products you may be using.
Why would anyone use a lotion with waxes and silicones in it to begin with?  They are not natural to our bodies; they are not found in our bodies.  These ingredients are simply "fillers" for many personal care items such as:  hair conditioners, hand creams, body lotions, facial creams, etc.  You get the picture.  So be an aware consumer - anything ending with "cone" belongs in the silicone family.

So, keep your hands in tip-top shape at all times. 
Thanks for reading this today.  I really enjoyed writing for you and please don't be shy to leave a comment.
Have you ever considered what ingredients are actually in your skin lotions?
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Have an amazing day,  Lisa M

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