Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gorgeous Bling Bling by Essence

My fascination with Essence continues.  Out shopping I saw a new display with several summer shades.  This one in particular caught my eye and made its way into my shopping cart.

Gorgeous Bling Bling has very tiny speckles of bronze and gold throughout.  As you can see for the photos below this glitter effect goes on very evenly unlike some others where you have to fish for the glitters particles, and then they are all over the place and very difficult to apply evenly.  If you look closely, even the lid displays the shade and glitter very accurately.

A truly gorgeous shade - not red, not brown, definitely not orange, but a pleasant mixture of all three tones. 

It applied like a dream.  I find the Essence polishes wear fairly well - 5 - 7 days if you refresh the top coat every other day to ensure longer wear.  But who actually keeps a shade on their nails that long?

Many of you know from other posts that I always finish up my manicure with a healthy cuticle treatment of TIPS Nail Conditioner.  This product keeps my nails in great shape.  It is so simple to apply:  1 product, 1 daily application first thing in the morning, 1 step is all it takes to replenish essential lipids, protect your nails from water/chemical damage, moisturize your nails and cuticles, strengthen and fortify.

It certainly lives up to its name - Gorgeous Bling Bling.  I for one, hope that Essence brings out more of such awesome shades with a hint of sparkle in them.
So, thanks a million for stopping by and viewing my latest manicure.  I wish you all the best for the rest of the day.
And be sure to let me know - what YOU think of this shade?  Is it calling your name?
Take care, Lisa M
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