Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Covergirl's Appletini

Wow, Covergirl really nailed it with the name they chose for this polish shade - Appletini!
Since I've seen so many similar shades from other brands, I just had to try this on myself.
Ones I have run across so far that might come close are
Wet 'n Wild's "Pin 'Em Slater"
Barry M's "Key Lime"
I believe this is my first Covergirl polish that I am wearing.  It applied well in two thin coats that evened out nicely.  The only problem was the bottle size and ultimately the lid and brush length.  They were much shorter than I am used to and this caused some difficulties in the application.
For a comparison I placed the Covergirl bottle of polish beside a bottle of TIPS Nail Conditioner, which is what made my cuticles look so shiny in these photos.  I always finish up every manicure with a healthy application of TIPS Nail Conditioner by ASK Cosmetics
Covergirl's bottle contains 3.5 ml (.11 oz) of product; whereas a bottle of TIPS contains 7 ml (.24 oz) of nail treatment.  So, be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for these Glosstinis.  You are getting much less than normal, so look closely at the price.
Next thing to consider is the brush length.....
That's how short it is.  As stated above, it was not easy working with such a lid/brush length. 
I love this shade, although I am definitely not a huge fan of greens.  Somehow this shade really has a summery feel to it.  I can't wait to use it in some of my nailart coming up in August.  So stay tuned!
Any comments from you on Covergirl, Glosstinis, green eggs and ham........
Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Enjoy this wonderful day.
Til next time,  Lisa M
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  1. Love the apple prop you used!

    1. Thanks, the colour certainly holds true to its name! Have a great day, Lisa M.