Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sometimes a little hug goes a long way!

Product Review: Bottle Hug - Rubber Bottle Holder
Photo 1 - All the different shapes and sizes of the bottles I tried in the holder.

Photo 2 - The product itself (purchased from Nail Polish Canada).
Some information about this product:
  • It retails for $4.00 on the Nail Polish Canada website.
  • The colour choices are white, pink and blue (shown here).
  • The holder is made of soft, smooth, flexible rubber.
  • There are slots for various tilted angles.
  • It claims to have a large base for extra stability as well as a rough surface for easy grip. 
  • The company Berkeley also states that all polish bottles fit snugly in it.

Photo 3:  Shown here are the brands and bottles I chose to test in this holder.

Photo 4:  The round bottle of Essence fit in nicely and had the perfect shape and size.
Photo 5:  The square shaped bottle of Rimmel London did not fit, and if I had forced it in this rubber holder there would have been damage. 
Photo 6:  Although Colour Club's bottles are square this one could be placed in the holder.  I wouldn't say it was a perfect fit, but it worked.
Photo 7:  The NYC bottles are smaller than most others, yet round.  As you can see from this photo this shape did not fit "snugly".  There was some movement of the bottle from side to side when I dipped the brush in and out of the bottle.

Photo 8:  Here it is even more obvious that this bottle is too small for this holder.  Granted, the bottle would be prevented from tipping completely, but not the perfect fit you would want and expect after reading the advertising statement: "fits snugly to all polish bottles".
Photo 9:  The brand name is Pure Ice and this bottle truly fit in perfectly.
Photo 10:  A very popular brand of polish is of course Essie, so I had to try it on for size.  It did fit, yet not as snugly as I would have like. 
This product is a fantastic idea for preventing the tipping and spilling of nail polishes or nail treatments that you might be using.  However, just be warned that not ALL polish bottles fit in and only certain shapes and sizes actually fit "snugly".  That said, I think this would make a great gift for any nail polish enthusiast - an inexpensive, thoughtful present.  Maybe add a bottle or two of polishes (that do fit perfectly) and you've got an ideal gift!
By the way for all users of TIPS Nail Conditioner and TIPS for Toes ....

These bottles fit into the Bottle Hug - Rubber Bottle Holder very well!  This may just be the solution for many women (and men) who have had problems with bottle falling over and spilling in the past. 
Do you perhaps own one?  If so, has it proven itself as being practical?

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