Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ASK Cosmetics' "Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge"

ASK Cosmetics’ Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge

Would you like to transform your dry, cracked, peeling, weak nails into great-looking, jaw-dropping, attention-grabbing nails with just one simple step, one easy-to-apply product?  Are your cuticles dry and cracked, growing down your nails, possibly the source of unsightly hangnails?  Do you want to get rid of your artificial nails perhaps?  Would you be interested in kicking the annoying habit of nail biting?  If you are not 100% happy with the appearance of your nails and cuticles, and would like to be a participant in our Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge, read on and follow the steps to become eligible.

Step 1:  Take a picture of your nails (several close up photos of your finger nails on both hands).

Step 2:  Write a detailed description of the condition your nails are currently in and why you would like to take this challenge.  The more detailed the better!

Step 3:  Send me your postal address, the photos of your nails, your write-up describing your nails and how much they have to endure every day to:

Step 4:  If you are one of the 50 participants chosen by ASK Cosmetics to take part in the Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge, you will be sent a release form to be signed and returned within 10 days.  This form states that you agree to allow use of your photos and comments to be used on our Facebook page, blog site or on Twitter AND you agree to follow the stipulations set up as part of this challenge.

Participation in the ASK Cosmetics’ Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge will mean:

·          Only using T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner or, in some special cases, T.I.P.S. for Toes on your finger nails for a period of 8 – 12 weeks.  This reason being that by applying other products such as nail polish, cuticles oils, etc.  will counteract the positive effects of ASK Cosmetics’ products and will not produce maximum results.

·         Sending in “progress reports” and photo documentation of your results by email to once a week.

·         Allowing use of these photos and comments on the ASK Cosmetics’ Facebook page, Twitter platform or blog site.  No full names or addresses of any kind will be made public.

·         Taking time to read the product instructions and following these instructions accurately.

·         The Challenge is open to international participants, however please make note that all correspondence must be in the English language.

·         This is not a contest, so there will be no winners.  If chosen, you will take part in a challenge with guidelines set by ASK Cosmetics, the company sponsoring this event.

·         Each of the 50 participants chosen will receive:  either 2 x T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner or 1 x T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner and 1 x T.I.P.S. for Toes (depending on the situation of the nails at the beginning of the challenge), 1 x Contour Nail File, 1 x 2 oz. Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser, 1 x 2 oz. Revival Skin Conditioning Milk as well as full instructions for each product in order to achieve best possible results.

So, if you think you are eligible and would like to embark on a total fortification and enhancement of your nails, get cracking and take some photos, jot down some details about your nails and the problems you have encountered with them.  I will be accepting participants from Jan 4th until Jan 18th.  International participation welcome!  Should you have any questions concerning any of the above-mentioned steps or stipulations, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Here’s to a brand-new nail adventure......and thanks for taking part.

Lisa Mueller

Vice President of Global Sales and Social Media for ASK Cosmetics Inc.

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