Monday, February 13, 2012

Featured Product of the Week: Revival Nail Polish Remover

ASK Cosmetics Inc. and all the nailcare, skincare and haircare products offered by this company are fairly new to the fans and followers via social media.  Although the company has been selling its products on both The Shopping Channel in Canada as well as QVC US for over 16 years now, some people may have heard or tried the flagship product T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner, but the others in their line-up have yet to be "discovered" by a wider audience.

For this reason I have decided to highlight one product each week, offering the comments from bloggers' reviews or customer comments to set the stage for the featured item.

This week I have chosen the REVIVAL Nail Polish Remover.  Over the course of the next months we will be asking many bloggers (who we consider to be real nail polish/remover experts) to test the polish remover created by ASK Cosmetics.  I have found out that many bloggers have their favourite when it comes to removers, and they certainly are not created equal!

Danielle, a proud Torontonian and Canadian blogger, whose blog site is called "Polish Obsessed", had this to say:

"This remover is by far the best I have ever used!  It really stands out from the rest of the removers I have used.  It easily removes the polish from my nails quickly like acetone, but doesn't bleed the colour out staining my nails.  One dab on a cotton pad really goes a long way, I was able to remove polish from 3 nails before applying more remover to the pad."

In her blog review she continued, "The polish remover stand sout to me because it is so super moisturizing.  I felt like I was removing the polish with cuticle oil!  My hands were all oiled up by the end of the removal and was left with the soft scent of lemons.  This is like a remover and cuticle oil all in one!"

Why don't you wander over to Danielle's blog page and read the entire review?  Recently she did a 3-part series on the 4 new nail polishes, basecoat and topcoat as well as the nail polish remover.  There are fantastic photos to view of her nails before and after removing the polish.

The main difference with the Revival Nail Polish Remover is that it is super-saturated with the T.I.P.S. solution, so it does double-duty by removing polish and conditioning your nails and cuticles at the same time.  It does not contain any water, which also has a drying effect on your nails.

There will be many more reviews posted, in which you can read all the comments about the ASK Cosmetics product line-up.

Thanks for reading,  Lisa M.

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  1. This remover sounds truly unique,one I might want to try later on,when I go back to polishing my nails again. I like that it has the TIPS in it!