Friday, March 2, 2012


The Bare Naked Nail Challenge sponsored by ASK Cosmetics commenced for most of the participants at the beginning of February.  A few are still waiting for theirs to arrive.  As it is not a contest with winners, it really doesn't matter when the challengers embark on their new nail adventure.  The most important thing is following the instructions and achieving the desired results. 

In a short post today I would like to share some of the links to blog sites as well as a few photos sent to me with their comments:         "Things to do. Things to see. Things to buy"

There will be a few more added to this list in the future - they might even be bloggers that you know and follow.

Basically, the key to success when using ASK Cosmetics nailcare products is:  discard all your previous nailcare habits and adapt some new ones.  TIPS Nail Conditioner is unlike anything you have used before because it actually penetrates your nails and cuticles treating, fortifying, hydrating and replenishing the lipids, which are lost during our everyday activities.  Lipids are extremely important since they are the "cement" holding all the thousands of cells together and offering your nails the necessary strength.

We all know that a hydrated nail is flexible and able to resist breaks, cracks, splitting and peeling.  TIPS Nail Conditioner is the only nail treatment, having been proven by the California Skin Research Institute, to penetrate and treat from within thanks to our proprietary, exclusive ingredient.

TIPS will give your nails strength through flexibility, create a much healthier look with vibrant, intense whites and pinks, help your cuticles to become soft, supple and recede naturally (BUT only if you refrain from massaging in the TIPS solution!!).

TIPS Nail Conditioner takes 2 minutes for its application to completely dry nails.  You must treat your nails before putting them in water, otherwise your nails are full of water and TIPS cannot be absorbed.  After applying TIPS you can go about your day immediately - no waiting or drying time.  Your nails will be protected against the damage due to cleaning products, harsh chemicals and water.

  • TIPS Nail Conditioner is NOT a quick fix, as those simply don't exist.  Damaged nails take anywhere from 6 - 9 months to completely grow out.
  • TIPS Nail Conditioner is NOT comparable to the nail polish-like hardeners on the market.  Anything that dries on the nail, dries them out.  That's a fact!  TIPS penetrates and replenishes lipids from within.
  • TIPS Nail Conditioner is NOT like other cuticle oils or moisturizers that you may have tried.  We tell all our users NOT to massage, rub, stimulate or trim their cuticles.  Any of these actions will cause the cuticle to grow down the nail more, become dry and cracked, and basically the cuticles will be so busy repairing themselves, they won't be able to do their intended job of protecting the nail and putting on the final, more densely compacted layer of cells.
This photo was sent to me by one of the participants in the Bare Naked Nail Challenge.  Brigitte from Austria has gone from having terribly dry cuticles and awful colouring of her finger nails to actually feeling proud of them.  She still has a long way to go, but she is thrilled with the progress thus far.

Thanks for reading.  Your comments are always welcome.  Happy Friday, Lisa M


  1. I am trying out the ones you sent me-didn't know you weren't supposed to rub the TIPS in-I wont do that next time!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results from everyone. I'm intrigued to see what the TIPS conditioner can do for brittle nails :)