Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who likes getting compliments on their nails?

Bare Naked Nail Challenge - Progress to Date

Participant - Heather R.

Hi Lisa,

I thought I'd sent photos last week but apparently I didn't - probably got started and then distracted.
Here's what's going on with me up to today. I have nails! Not only do they look good from the front, they look good from the back - I can see my nails peeking up behind my fingers.

This is something I'm not used to - when I was in high school I had great nails but I haven't been able to grow nails of decent length since I started keeping them short after my son was born. He will be 29 this year.

Needless to say, I'm very pleased. I'm getting comments on my nails from people - my boyfriend is one, suddenly he needs his back scratched every time I see him. Yesterday I had my hair cut - I go every 6/7 weeks- and the hairdresser I've gone to for the past 10 plus years remarked on my nails. She said she's never seen my nails look this good. She and the girl who shampoos both said they're going to look into TIPS because their nails take a beating at work.

I'm a happy camper!

Thanks, Heather

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  1. Congrats Heather! It feel great to get compliments on your nails.