Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colour Crash Course in "Peacock"

I never knew how stunning peacock was until now.  This multi-faceted shade can be paired with so many colours, it's amazing.  Many might have looked at peacock and considered it to be a fall/winter hue, but, as a matter of fact, I have seen countless bloggers and nail polish die-hards sporting this very shade now.  It was also named one of the hottest runway colours for summer 2012.  So, let's have a closer look at "peacock".

For those ready to strut their stuff:  This green-tinged blue is utterly eye-catching!

Why we love it:  It is neither as business-like as navy blue nor as regal as royal blue, but this ultra-saturated shade offers a feeling of relaxed opulence to dresses and separates alike.

"Those who love peacock blue are curious, intuitive, and kind.  They're the stabilizing influence in any group,"  according to Kate Smith.

What does it play well with...... Peacock is a lovely counter-point to cool neutrals such as gray and silver.
Consider teaming it with a deep, vivid purple or a warm, orange-inflected red if you really want to intensify its impact.

What is your opinion on the following match-ups - are they do's or don'ts?

Peacock on a tan-coloured blazer....
Peacock on a white linen blazer for a fresh summer look....

There are endless possibilities - imagine orange, hot pink, yellow, and the list goes on.

This photo shows the ASK Cosmetics version of "Classic Peacock" - a 15ml bottle, Big-3 free, camphor free, vegan-friendly nail polish. 
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Because I was so enthralled by peacock, I purchased 2 others to make a comparison.  This post has become long enough, so showing these three shades will be for another day.

Do own a peacock?  Are you strutting it proudly?

Thanks for reading and commenting.  Have a great day!  Lisa M.

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  1. Peacock is a lovely color and would work with many colors, the possibilities could be endless!