Thursday, June 21, 2012

Richer than rich, bluer than blue!

ASK Cosmetics Nailwear "Classic Collection" - Classic Peackock, Oh So Aubergine, Romantic Sunset and Rich Sapphire.  All these are Big-3 Free, vegan friendly, camphor free in 15ml bottles.

After reading a fellow blogger's post today I was excited to see that a deep, dark blue shade is one of her choices for Summer 2012.  Immediately, Rich Sapphire came to mind. 

Rich Sapphire can be worn alone, or with some subtle bling, or perhaps with some stamping.  It definitely provides a fantastic base colour for those who like to be creative.

I started with the clear Base Coat and applied 2 coats of Rich Sapphire.  Normally I would finish my manicure off with a layer of Top Coat by ASK Cosmetics, however I wanted to try two options of jazzing up the deep shade.
It's like a jelly polish, applies like a dream, requires 2 coats for opacity and wears very well. 

As with all my manicures and as part of my daily nailcare routine, I always apply TIPS Nail Conditioner around my cuticles to treat and moisturize them after colour is on my nails.

For some time now I have been dying to see what Essie's Luxeffects "Pure Pearlfection" would look like on a very dark polish.  Today was the day and I am so thrilled with the results.

In both these photos Rich Sapphire looks a bit brighter than it is, but what a stunning, subtle effect the Essie polish has.

What do you think of Rich Sapphire on its own?  Would you dazzle it up with anything?

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day, Lisa M.

BTW - ASK Cosmetics is planning their next giveaway - Do you have any ideas of what they should offer, or what you would like to win from their product line-up + all nail polishes.


  1. That sapphire is to *die* for! And with the Essie top coat, out of this world!

    As for what I would like to win: more tips for toes! Or Skin Milk! And Polish! What the heck, can't I just have it all? LOL

    1. @pancua - Thanks for commenting. The more I wear it, the more I love the Rich Sapphire. And yes, the Essie layer really adds a special something to it. BTW - Is your bottle of TIPS for Toes getting low?

    2. I've already gone through one bottle, just started the 2nd last week. That was going to be in my post next week to show how far a bottle goes. :)

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