Monday, June 18, 2012

Spain all the way!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Spain?

It might be......
  • Barcelona - both a city and province of Catalonia
  • Madrid - the capital city
  • bull fighting - a popular tradition which is the center of much controversy
  • paella - a Spanish dish made of seafood, chicken, saffron and a lot of rice
  • red wines - in particular a heavy-bodied Rioja
  • flamenco dancers - a Spanish gypsy style of song or dance.
Whatever your idea or image of Spain might be, it most likely isn't soccer (or football for the European followers).  As a sports enthusiast and former member of the United Nations Women's Soccer Team in Vienna, Austria, I love soccer.  So, when the Euro 2012 European Soccer Championship started, needless to say, I was thrilled to bits.  Finally, soccer of the highest quality, top-notch teams, amazing goals, etc.

This prompted me to try my first "nail art" mani.  Guess where my favourite team comes from?  You got it....... Spain.

For this Spain flag mani I used:

"Perfect Red" by ASK Cosmetics as the base - 9 ml bottle, Big-3 Free, vegan friendly

Not the greatest of shots with the sun shining on my nails, but I like the contrast of red on green.

Then I created the yellow center stripe with "Electric #305" by Revlon Top Speed.  I only purchased this colour for the sake of this manicure. 

This is the final product of my labours.  Being my first (albeit very simple) nail art design, I learned a few valuable lessons.  Next time I will definitely try the taping method instead of free-handing it.

Now, what do you think of my first-ever Spanish flag mani?  Thanks so much for reading,  Lisa M.

BTW - I noticed one blogger "I'm still thinking" has started a flag mani challenge on her blog site.  She is looking for various flag designs, none of which were Spain.  If interested, look her up and join her challenge. 

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for Spain to win the Euro Soccer Championship 2012.


  1. How cool that you used to play soccer in Austria! That's the one country I would love to visit! Very sexy red! Nice yellow stripe! You should try that yellow all on its own!

    1. @Fingers - Thanks, and yes, Austria is a fantastic country. I lived there for 24 years before returning to Canada. I will try the yellow on its own, but not so sure if it really looks that good with my skin tone. Love your stamps!