Saturday, December 22, 2012

Maybelline's Amethyst Ablaze

Amethyst Ablaze 90 is part of the Maybelline New York Color Show Collection - Metallics. 

An absolutely gorgeous shade of purple, this lacquer applied beautifully and evenly.  2 coats shown here in the following pictures....

After each manicure I follow up with an application of TIPS Nail Conditioner around the cuticles to hydrate them.  Dry, cracked cuticles really spoil a lovely manicure, and the cold weather has taken its toll on my skin and hands already.  So, before my manicure I put on some Revival Skin Conditioning Milk to soften up my hands.
As if this shade isn't enough to add some serious glamour to your talons after, I decided to jazz it up just a bit after a few days of wear. 
Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink 140 was the one best suited to Amethyst Ablaze.  This is the outcome of my glitter tips moment.....

The glitter tips are intentionally uneven.  I wanted to do a glitter gradient, but things simply didn't work out that way.  Oh well, maybe next time.  I was still quite pleased with the end result.

What is your go-to polish shade for the holidays? 
Thanks again for stopping by.  Have a great day,  Lisa M.


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