Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh my GOSH!

I asked, and you answered by question:  Which one of the two GOSH shades would you like to see first - Bubble Gum or Miss Minty?  The voting resulted in a tie, so I'm showing you both of them today.
So, let me introduce Bubble Gum & Miss Minty by GOSH
3 coats each, normal wearability, easy application, good brush

Note to viewers - try to overlook the nasty little paper cut I had on my pinky!
Let me begin with the one that intrigued me most, namely Miss Minty.  I have seen tons of mint shades bearing various brand names being swatched by other nail bloggers.  The bottle really had me fascinated.

As pretty as this shade is, it really doesn't look that great on my fair-skinned hands.  And....I think it is a shade for the younger generation of nail polish wearers.  I guess the verdict for me is - I would rather enjoy my mint in the form of chocolate than on my nails. 

Products used:   3 coats of GOSH "Miss Minty", TIPS Nail Conditoner after the manicure to treat the cuticles, and after several days of wear the polish was removed AND my nails and cuticles were treated with TIPS at the same time with the Revival Nail Polish Remover by ASK Cosmetics.

"Bubble Gum" truly lives up to its name.  This shade reminds one of those very pink wads of bubble gum we used to chew as children.   Not sure what kind you enjoyed, but I have vivid memories of Hubba Bubba.
My little paper cut is still quite noticeable in this shot.  You can also see the shiny areas around my nails and cuticles, which have been treated with TIPS Nail Conditioner after the polish has drided.  I also keep the polish away from my cuticles, because polish will dry them out AND removing the polish from your cuticles causes stimulation to them, which can result in damage to the cuticles.
I stumbled upon these two shades at Shopper's Drugmart just last week. Upon noticing that they were reduced from $7 each to $3.50, I decided to add these two spring pastels to my collection. However, when I had a closer look at my receipt I realized they had charged me full price for the polishes, so it wasn't a two-for-one deal after all. Unfortunately, I no longer had the opportunity to go back and a lesson was learned - ALWAYS check your receipts while still at the store!

I will leave you with some more outdoor photos that show how the ice had formed on the lilac tree in our front yard.  There was so much damage to hydro lines due to this storm that we were out of electricity for some 48 hours.

So, what's your choice?  Would you go with Miss Minty or Bubble Gum on your nails?
Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy the rest of your day,  Lisa M







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