Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Girls just wanna have fun!

Last Saturday marked a huge achievement in my family.  It was the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents.  This is truly an incredible accomplishment, so we had to commemorate it by having family photos done by a professional photographer. 
My nieces wanted their nails done for the occasion and seeing as I had been having some fun myself with the funky nails tattoos I had been sent to review by Fake Tattoos, I offered to give them all cool designs on their little nails.
Nr. 1 in Europe regarding fake tattoos for both nails and skin - FAKE TATTOOS on FB
Needless to say, they went crazy when they saw all the different choices and wanted tattoos on each of their fingers.  It wasn't an easy decision, but here's the final look they chose....
Meg is a die-hard nail polish fanatic and absolutely loves nail art too.  When she heard I had tattoos to apply, she simply couldn't wait to try them. 
She decided on moustaches and bows.
Kyra chose a mixture of images.  You can see a palm tree, bows and a small ice-cream cone on her nails.  Very proud to show off her glammed-up talons!
These girls could have easily applied the nail tattoos themselves; they are so simple to work with.  The only problem might have been positioning them.  These nails were pretty tiny, and we had to choose the smaller tattoos for a better fit on their nails.
Last, but not least, Jada chose an array of designs:  a jester's hat, a bow, an ice-cream cone and a red lady bug.  They all looked awesome!
We finished off their simple manis with a layer of top coat to help seal the tattoo and promote longer wear. 
Top Coat shown here is from the ASK Cosmetics Nailwear line.
More to come on Fake Tattoos.....
Thanks for stopping by and til next time,  Lisa M.


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