Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A strong passion to help her horse led to T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner

When Karen Orlowski, the creator and founder of ASK Cosmetics Inc., was studying veterinarian medicine at the University of Guelph, Ontario she never dreamt that one day she would be the CEO of her own cosmetic company.  It was a mere coincidence that she happened to discover the secret to developing strong, indestructible nails only by trying to find a solution for her horse's hoof problem.  Here's how the story goes....

Her horse, Mr. Bob Sunday, had terrible hooves that would constantly break and wouldn't hold a shoe at all.  At the time she was a very inquistive vet student wanting desperately to find a solution for her horse.  Through a lot of analysis and investigation she discovered her horse's hooves were lacking lipids.  These are the "cement" holding the cells together providing both strength and flexibility to all living things.  During this time her hands were submersed in the liquids she was developing.  Her fingernails went from non-existent to virtually indestructible.  Soon her close friends and family members were asking her what she was using to get such long, gorgeous nails.  She was kind enough to give them some.  Their nails grew and as word got around, soon all her time was spent on bottling her lipid-rich solution for friends of friends of friends.  It became evident that she might be able to help other people suffering from weak, dry, brittle, cracking nails too.

Thus, ASK Cosmetics Inc. was founded with its headquarters in Burlington, ON, Canada.  Her flagship product T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner is one of the company's top-rated products sold on the shopping channels:  QVC in the United States and TSC in Canada.  The science and technology behind her products are based on replenishing the ever-important lipids, which provide nails with flexibility and strength.  Clinical studies have proven that T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner actually penetrates the nails and cuticles and fortifies from within the nail.  For more info on ASK Cosmetics Inc. products go to www.askcosmetics.com or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/askcosmetics.

I know many people think they can't have great-looking nails, but you can!  T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner is simple and easy to apply, and only takes 2 - 3 minutes a day - kind of liking brushing your teeth.  With this amazing product Karen has revolutionized the world of nailcare.

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  1. Congratulations Leah :) Hope I am as lucky for the next contest draw. Great products, have been using them for over 15 years now!
    Donna Bartsch