Monday, February 27, 2012

Nailwear Colour Selection by ASK Cosmetics Inc. - Part 4

Today I would like to show you two frosts in the Nailwear Selection by ASK Cosmetics.  The first one was christened "Iced Mocha".  For those of you who love pinks and mauves, this one may interest you.  This is what the bottle looks like.....
This is how it looks on my nails......
Let me show you one more shot.........
These shots make the polish look quite pinkish, but if the light hits your polished talons the right way they also take on a mauve hue.  Once I get a better camera and a macro lens I will be able to take more close-up shots.

The second one goes by the name "Rose Gold".  For everyone who adores orange, this is the one for you.  Let me show you a clear bottle shot first.....
Now I will try to share the best nail shots with you...

Okay, I got a little too close to the thumb cuticle.  Sorry!  It won't happen again.
I know there are a lot of people out there who love oranges.  And by now we have all seen loads of tangerine shades for the coming spring and summer season. 

So, do either of these frosts appeal to you?

Don't forget to keep track of your favourites for the upcoming giveaway starting March 1st.

Tomorrow I've got two very contrasting shades to show you.  Bye for now, Lisa M.


  1. Well,normally I don't go for frosts,but these are very pretty,not real frosty looking at all,plus that first one is a duochrome.I love duochromes!

  2. That second one isn't too bad-may be nice for stamping0-frosts and metallics usually are!

  3. I love all the shades. tough to pick 5 faves.

    1. Perfect Red
    2. Abalone Sand
    3. Burnt Berry
    5.Oh So Aubergine

    Great shades

    Elizabeth V