Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is the grit strength of the Contour Nail File by ASK Cosmetics?

As one of the featured products of the week the Contour Nail File has received a lot of attention lately.  It was included as one of the items in the BARE NAKED NAIL Challenge, which is currently running, because ASK Cosmetics knows how important it is to seal the ends of your nails in order to promote stronger, longer nails.

Some of the participants in this challenge experienced initial difficulty in "getting used" to this revolutionary, ergonomic design.  But I think after a few times in use, they have come to enjoy filing their nails with this unique file.

Now, one question posed by LoodieLoodieLoodie, a fellow blogger, concerning the grit strength of this file.  She asked this question below one of my posts, but I thought I would create a short post answering this question in case others were wondering the same.

So, back to the question about the grit strength of the ASK Cosmetics Contour Nail File........

It's quite simple to answer - there is no grit, therefore there is no grit strength to speak of.  That is the reason why it is finer and will not grab, rip and tear your nail "fibres" like diamond dust, glass, emery boards or crystal files will.  These files are abrasive because they are created by abrasion.

The ASK Contour Nail File has no rough chunks, rather rounded particles.  There is a coating on it to make sure there are no sharp spots and to ensure an ultra-fine, smooth surface.  The nail file by ASK Cosmetics is made in waves and requires 17 different steps to make it.

As many of you know there are three extremely fine filing surfaces.  It is also important to note that this file is NOT designed or meant for diminishing your nails, but to SEAL the ends after clipping or cutting them.

I hope this answers the question satisfactorily.  Have you ever used such a file?

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