Thursday, April 12, 2012

Swatched from Head to Toe

Recently I have seen so many different shades of blue being swatched, worn and reviewed.  This prompted me to have a closer look at "Rich Sapphire" by ASK Cosmetics.  Would this be a good shade for toe nails as well?  Which sandals do I own that might suit this shade of polish?

This first shot shows "Rich Sapphire" on my hands and as you can see it is a very deep, rich navy blue.  Some of the bloggers who reviewed it referred to it as a jelly.  It takes two - three coats for a solid, intense shade.

This polish does look very dark on my finger nails, but it could just be the lighting or my camera.  Admittedly, it has a lot of depth to it, but it certainly isn't as "black" looking as it is in this shot.

So, in hopes of beautiful, warm weather I decided to take a look at this shade in combination with the summer footwear that I currently own.  Personally, I prefer the darker shades, such as this one, on my toes during the summer months, but when the temperatures turn colder I like sporting deeper colours on my nails.  What is your preference?

This is the first pair that came to mind.  Blue and red - always a winning combination, don't you think?

The second viable choice was this summer sandal.  Which combo do you prefer? 

FYI - ASK Cosmetics is running their second challenge featuring toe nails this time.  The BEACH-READY TOE NAIL CHALLENGE will begin very soon, so if you are at all interested have a look at the challenge guidelines and get your submission for entry in asap.

One last thing I want to mention....... just 3 more days to enter the Simple Manicure Giveaway sponsored by ASK Cosmetics Inc.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!  Lisa M.


  1. This is my fave color I've seen so far from Ask polish colors!!! Stunning!