Monday, April 9, 2012

What's really behind "natural" or "organic" ingredients?

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Are you all too familiar with the buzzwords seen or heard in marketing jargon for cosmetic products?  In fact, they are used so frequently that we have either become a bit complacent towards them or perhaps based some of our purchase decisions on them, convinced you were getting something safer and more effective.

Well, the truth is... these terms, "natural" and "organic" have little to no meaning when it comes to what you actually put on your skin or how effective they are.

All natural or organic:  While these terms sound good and often resonate with consumers, it doesn't assure an accurate picture of safety or effectiveness, much less reliable facts.  In addition, countless companies claim their products are all natural when, in actual fact, they contain a preponderance of unnatural ingredients.  But even more important, there is no research anywhere showing that natural or organic ingredients are better for skin than synthetic ingredients.  Truth be told, there are lots of natural ingredients that show up in nail, skin as well as hair care products that are either toxic or carcinogenic, or irritating to skin  --  and irritation causes all kinds of havoc for our bodies.
Finally, when a plant of any kind is added to a cosmetic, and is preserved, stabilized, and mixed with other ingredients, it loses most, if not all of its natural orientation (Source: FDA Consumer magazine, May-June 1998, revised May 1998 and August 2000).

Spring is definitely in the air!  My flowerbeds are full of colour and wonderful smells.  It truly is a fantastic time of year - when nature begins to enfold its beauty.

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