Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Challenge Progress - Nails & Toes

Today I would like to share two more success stories with you.  These ladies entered the ASK Cosmetics "Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge" back in January 2012.  They were supplied with the necessary items from the ASK Cosmetics line-up of nail and skin care products to get their nails and hands back on track. 

This Week 10 Progress Report comes from Jan.  This is what she writes:

Hi Lisa

Here is my final week picture. I am beyond thrilled at the improvement in my
nails! The picture does not show the true difference and improvements . . .
they have a beautiful sheen to them now, they are nice and white, and they
are flexible but at the same time they are very strong. I will definitely
keep using this product and thankful that I had the opportunity to try it
out and show how well it really does work. I honestly don't hide my hands
now and I can't wait to wear some nice summery coloured polish this summer.
Thank you so much Lisa!

This photo was sent in Jan. 14th as Jan's "before" picture.

This photo was sent in May 14th as Jan's "after" 10 weeks of TIPS Nail Conditioner.

These pictures say it all and are the proof in the pudding!

The other story that also brought tears to my eyes when I read it for the first time this morning is the success story sent in by Sarah, who is a fellow blogger "The Beautiful Lagoon".  Please click on the provided link to read her story.
 She has followed my instructions to a tee and, as difficult as it may have been for her, she has gone without nail polish for 10 full weeks in order to achieve maximum benefits from her daily TIPS applications.  The Contour Nail File by ASK Cosmetics Inc. has helped immensely with her peeling ends as well.  Great job, Sarah!

In addition to all this fantastic news about great finger nails and cuticles, I would like to share a fellow blogger's first impressions of her toes. 
Kathy H. is a participant in the ASK Cosmetics "Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge" that commenced at the beginning of May.  She is posting her progress in the form of weekly blog posts and she has sent me a new update, which I would like to share with you:

This is the first photo Kathy sent me at the beginning of April 2012.

Keep up the good work Kathy!

One last thing - CONGRATULATIONS go out to Grace Lee of the USA, who is the official winner of the "LUV U 2" Giveaway sponsored by ASK Cosmetics.  She has decided to award her sister with the second prize package.   
Many thanks to all of you who took part.  There will be more giveaways coming your way shortly, so stay tuned.

Have a great day!  Enjoy the beautiful weather and don't forget your sunscreen!  Lisa M.

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