Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In search of the perfect pink

Pink has to be the nail polish shade that is best represented by all brands with the most choices - all the way from the palest version of pink to the deepest, most intense fuchsia.  So recently I purchased three options from three very different brands which I wanted to try.
Revlon's Fast Dry Nail Enamel - #555 Orchid
This type of Revlon polish is tricky to apply.  In fact, it is so fast drying that each stroke you make has to be perfectly accurate.  If you are going out some evening and your nails look bare, this is the perfect kind of varnish to turn to for a touch of colour without the mess and waiting time.  Here you can see 2 coats in natural light.

NYC in a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish - #268 Fashion Avenue Fuchsia
I was pleasantly surprised at this shade, which quickly turned into complete and utter amazement at how much I loved this polish and colour.  Actually, it was exactly what I was looking for when I set out to find the ultimate shade of "pink".  The photo taken in natural light makes the shade appear a bit lighter than it really is.  I have applied 2 coats.
This shot might give you a slightly better impression.  It also proclaims to be quick-drying and it lived up to my expectations well.

Last but not least this is Essie's version of a rich, elegant fuchsia shade, which has been give the name "Sure Shot".

My nails before I polished:

The products I always use before, in preparation for a DIY manicure, and the ones I use after to treat the cuticles while I am wearing polish: 

Clear Coat and Top Coat by ASK Cosmetics, TIPS Nail Conditioner for daily nail + cuticle treatments, Revival Nail Polish Remover by ASK Cosmetics - a two-in-one remover and treatment all in one!

Which pink shade do you prefer?  Enjoy your day, Lisa M.

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