Sunday, May 27, 2012

Put the Pedal to the Metal!

Maybelline New York has brought out some exciting new shades, among which I picked up two of them.  The choice was difficult as all of them were vibrant, rich and would fit into anybody's nail lacquer collection.  However with so many brands offering so many shades, sometimes before purchasing it is a good idea to go home and first take stock of what you already have.  In the past I have failed to do and as a result I have some dupes that I really don't need.  Does this happen to any of you?

This shade drew my attention and curiosity as to how intense it would appear on nails.  So "Pedal to the Metal #400" was placed in my shopping cart and was immediately swatched when I returned home.
This polish was super easy to apply.  I used 2 coats that went on extremely smoothly.  In the end the polish shade was not near as intense as I thought, but I was still thrilled with the look of my nails. 

Have you tried any of the new shades in the Maybelline New York Color Show Collection yet?  Any preferences?

In my blog I try to combine various elements.  Apart from nail care I do posts on skin and hair care as well.  But a topic very near and dear to my heart is fitness.  At the end of August last year I began a "Get Fit Challenge", which was posted here and involved a walk/run program over a 4-week-period.  I was excited to have attracted about 30 enthusiastic participants, who for the most part completed the challenge. 

Many bloggers commented how interesting it was to integrate fitness on a nail blog site.  I strongly feel more emphasis should be put on getting and staying fit.  We owe it to our bodies and our well-being.  A healthy body = a healthy mind!  As women we can accomplish so much more and with a much better outlook if we keep ourselves in good physical shape.

So yesterday I teamed up with my husband, who competes in triathlons the entire summer season, to complete our first Sprint Triathlon Relay.  He did the swimming, I did the biking and he finished off with the running part. 
Special thanks to ASK Cosmetics for sponsoring us. 

Wishing all a beautiful day!  How do you stay fit?  I'd love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading, Lisa M.


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