Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TIPS is a true multi-tasker!

From the beginning of September I have had the pleasure of taking the customer care calls at our head office in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  The success stories I hear are so touching they send chills up and down my spine.  Sometimes I even have tears in my eyes when I hear the accounts from women, who have literally tried everything on the market to achieve those finger nails they have always longed for.  Some tell me they have been using TIPS Nail Conditioner for years, while others have only begun a few months ago.  However, all of them tell me how much they appreciate the product and the longer, stronger nails they now have.  It is so moving.
Well, on Oct. 3rd while I was at my desk answering the phone I received a call from a lady from Canada, who actually called to tell me about another possible use for TIPS.  As a follow-up to our interesting conversation she sent me an email, which I would like to share with you today.

Further to our telephone conversation I would like to say that I have been using your products ever since Karen first brought them to the Shopping Channel. TIPS for Toes has made an amazing improvement in the condition of my nails. For years before discovering this product, my nails broke off all the time (worse in winter), I had hangnails and split cuticles, and for years one nail had a split from the cuticle to the end and always broke off to the quick of my finger -- not a pretty sight.


However, there was a dramatic change when I started using TIPS for Toes on my nails and now I have no hangnails and, with your Contour nail file, all my nails are the same shape and I am very happy with the look of my hands.

Another reason for contacting you is to pose a suggestion for another use for this wonderful product. Because I have many allergies, I am unable to use any type of eye serum or eye cream, even though they are advertised as being fully tested for allergies . I've tried them all, but soon experience itching, tearing, redness and sandy dry eyes. One morning, however, I had applied my TIPS while sitting on the side of my bed and because my eyes felt dry and itchy, I began rubbing them before massaging the TIPS formula on my hands. When I realized what I had done, I was a little worried, but to my surprise the itching and dryness felt actually better. Now as part of my morning routine I repeat this every day and my eyelashes are more silky and my eyes are never dry or red.

My question and suggestion for your consideration is to possibly put this formula in a wand to be applied to eyelashes much like mascara or to prepare them for mascara. I am certain that anyone using it would be absolutely thrilled with the results.

Thank you for a great product.

We are thrilled to hear from TIPS users and how they are getting along with our products, but in no way do we make any medical claims about the ASK Cosmetics' line-up of products.  We are happy to share the experiences our customers have made in finding other, very helpful applications for our products.  For example, Elena, whose right hand was unbearably painful, irritated and flakey, but by applying a unique combination of the ASK Cosmetics' products her embarassing problem vanished. 
All photos shown in this post were provided by ASK Cosmetics.  The testimonial was sent to me by email on Oct. 3rd, 2012 and has been uneditted. 

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