Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Winterizing your body

I think all of us find something very special about this season, even though umbrellas and big coats are already out in full force.  Personally, I love autumn and all it has to offer:  long, romantic walks through a forest of blazing colours, culinary treats made from squash, pumpkin and co., Halloween, the first fires in front of the fireplace and let's not forget the build-up to Christmas.  But, now it is time to seriously start thinking about our skin.
Both central heating and cooler outdoor temperatures affect our skin, hair, nails and complexion.  As you turn up the heating you will notice your skin drying out.  Unfortunately, the dry heat you get from central heating is unlike the nourishing Vitamin D filled warmth you get from the sun and, it leaves you flakey and dehydrated.
Coming in from the cold temperatures doesn't give your skin a chance to acclimatise, and likewise, jumping from a cool room into a hot shower in the mornings simply pushes your body to the edge of destruction.

So, what can we do about this?

1.)  The absolute best (and cheapest) single thing we can do is drink lots of water.  Your skin is being put under great strain, and water is the best healer.  Water will have a huge effect on the way your skin looks and feels.
2.)  Use a light exfoliator (or exfoliating mask) to keep the dry skin at bay.  It would be ideal to do this 2 - 3 times a week followed by a heavy moisturizer to replenish dry "winter" skin.  Depending on your skin type you might prefer a skin oil instead of a moisturizer cream.
3.)  If your hair is likely to suffer as well and become frizzy and unmanageable even at the best of times, then you will need a shampoo that doesn't contain any harsh surfactants.  Remember, we are really cleaning our scalps when we shampoo, and a mild shampoo would be the best way to go.
All the cosmetic products by ASK Cosmetics are enhancing for your skin, nails and hair.  They put back what nature intended to be there in the first place.  There are no harsh surfactants or waxes and silicones in their Skin Conditioning Milk or their Daily-Use Shampoo & Conditioner, because these ingredients are not natural for your hair or skin, and actually strip them of moisture. 
Both the Daily-Use Shampoo and the Hand & Nail Cleanser are 98% milder than baby soaps, yet get the job done efficiently.  In fact, several of these products are multi-taskers, for example:  the Hand & Nail Cleanser is also great for removing make-up and for people with acne, eczema and very dry hands; the Skin Conditioning Milk can be used to replenish moisture from head to toe - used as a facial cream, all-over body cream, foot cream, hand lotion.  As it is gender-neutral, even the men like using it! 
To find out more about the innovative technology behind the ASK Cosmetics products go to:  the ASK Cosmetics website.  All their products are available through their online shop, or by calling the company toll-free 1-877-275-5566 and ordering directly, or through QVC US & The Shopping Channel in Canada.
 Do you have any good tips for winterizing your skin?
Thanks for reading and have a great day, Lisa M.

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